Well Hung Vineyard wine!




Welcome to Well Hung Vineyard’s online shop! Thanks for swingin’ by! Take some time to explore all of our Well Hung products!  The online store is a great place to pick up some ever-fashionable textiles for yourself, friends and family. Well Hung items are great gifts for any good natured wine lover (or man lover)!

We just bottled Under the Table white, and Under the Table red

We have THREE Retail Partners that are MORE than happy to ship Well Hung.... WINE to you.

1. Rio Hill Wine & Gourmet- 434-295-2328 - Ask for Doug!

2. Red Rocker Candy- 434-589-2011 - Ask for Sue Charney-Ships to Virginia Only

3.Virginia Shops- 434-977-0080 - Ask for Tiffany!


Like most businesses, we're all in this to help each other grow, hence the reason, we partner with them to ship our wine!

Questions? Email us: info@wellhungvineyard.com


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